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Caterpillar was one of OCTB's first clients.
Overcome The Barrier (OCTB) is a U.S.-based language training company. Since 2008, we have provided language training to companies and individuals around the globe. Our dedication to service, transparency and objectivity set us apart from our competitors.


How the OTCB Method Works

Step 1: You connect to Skype or Google Hangouts.

Skype and Google Hangouts have become global leaders in videoconferencing. Both services offer fast, secure and stable platforms for effective videoconferencing. Once you are logged on, your instructor will initiate a video call with you at the scheduled time.

Step 2: You and your instructor discuss topics in the target language relevant to your personal and professional interests.

OCTB instructors are trained to conduct the lessons according to your needs. For example, if you are a computer programmer, an instructor may propose discussions on big data, computer security, and other technology-related topics. Additionally, you may discuss other topics that interest you. The main objective of this conversation is for you to use the target language in a practical way.

Step 3: While you speak, an OCTB instructor will type everything you say.

During the conversation segments of the lessons, your instructor will transcribe everything you say in a Google Spreadsheet.

Step 4: After the conversation, you and your instructor will correct all of the grammar mistakes made during the conversation.

The corrections allow you to see your mistakes and thus learn to avoid them in the future. If you internalize these corrections, you will make progress much faster than you would using traditional language learning methods.


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Why the OCTB Method Works

The OCTB method is effective for two reasons. Firstly, the OCTB method creates an authentic speaking context for all language learners. In other words, you will begin using the language you want to learn from the first day, regardless of your level. By creating a real context in which you can use the target language, the OCTB method simulates real life situations that you would experience if you lived in an area where the target language is spoken.

Secondly, as you speak our instructors type every word you say, and following the conversation they go through every sentence and make corrections to your speech. As they correct your grammar mistakes, you not only hear the corrections, but you also see the corrections in real time.

The corrections process targets both visual and auditory learners. According to one study, 65 percent of people are visual learners, and additional research shows that both visual and auditory learning styles are dominant. These figures are important because they explain why individuals who study with OCTB make progress so much faster than those who study for years using traditional formats of instruction.


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