Objective Analytics & Predictable ROI

See all of your speech mistakes with OCTB's unique language learning method.

Our Data Is Different

We offer the traditional data provided in language training, but we go a step further. In addition to standard metrics, such as homework completion and attendance, we conduct statistical analysis on learner speech in order to accurately and objectively determine speech levels, set goals, and conduct performance monitoring. These data allow us to measure learner progress accurately and objectively throughout the training and thus guarantee ROI.

OCTB Business English Activities Platform

Make Decisions Quickly

Our corporate analytics platform is simple, to-the-point and easy to navigate. In one click, your HR department can view all of the learners and their Performance Composite Scores in one place. This color-coded score, which takes into account attendance, homework, lesson review and speech errors, allows HR to pinpoint learners who may need additional encouragement and monitoring to complete the training successfully.

OCTB Business English On The Go

Learner Status Updates

On a weekly basis, we send status updates via email to all OCTB learners. These status updates are based on the same analytics provided to HR and let all learners know where they stand on homework completion, lesson review and attendance. These three areas are crucial to successfully achieving the objectives of our language training programs.

OCTB Business English On The Go

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