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Individual Language Training

The fastest way to learn a language is to train one-on-one with OCTB. Our one-on-one training allows our trainers to fully customize the training for each learner and his/her language needs. Whether your employees need to learn a language to conduct business or immerse themselves into a new expat assignment, OCTB individual language training is an excellent fit.

OCTB Business English Trainer

Group Language Training

Group language training focuses mainly on speaking and listening. Like our individual training, our trainers lead groups (maximum three people) in conversation, while typing their responses. Afterward, the trainers correct the learners' responses. During the corrections, the trainers will cover specific grammar issues related to the corrections. OCTB group training offers a unique opportunity for your employees to learn not only from their mistakes, but from their colleagues' mistakes as well.

Qualified Business English Trainer

Specialized Services

If your company is looking for specialized language services, look no further. In addition to our standard services, OCTB is able to help your company implement company-specific language training programs. We can also provide employee language proficiency services. Contact us today for further details!

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