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About Us

10 Years on the Global Market

Overcome the Barrier, INC is a US based C-Corporation based out of St. Pete Florida. It is a language service provider that connects teachers with students all across the globe via an innovative learning platform. Since its foundation in 2008, we've gained the trust of companies such as IBM, DHL, and Caterpillar. 

We are currently operating in the U.S., Japan, Russia, Switzerland, Colombia, Guatemala and soon to come Peru and Mexico.

A New Direction: Peer-to-Peer Learning

Since 2019, we've undertaken a new direction: instead of offering the platform exclusively to professionals, we thought the platform would also greatly benefit high school students. So we began matching K12 students with peers from across the globe, and organizing live language exchanges between them so that each student has a chance to practice the foreign language that they're learning at school. Indeed, our platform is so easy to use and well-designed that even teenagers can become excellent instructors of their native language. Watch student and teacher testimonials in the top menu to hear from them how they've integrated the platform in their language classes, and how it has benefited students and teachers alike.

Education & Bridging Cultures

Providing quality educational tools while integrating technology in the classroom and overseeing the security of students are our top priorities. We believe that a key element that is missing in language classrooms is that one-on-one interaction, or 'talking time'. This is exactly what we are offering - it's almost like a student exchange, but right in the classroom, and at a fraction of the cost. 

Moreover, we strongly believe in bridging cultures. When students have regular conversations with their peers from a different country and culture, not only does this make the exchanges fun and engaging, but it also prevents or breaks certain prejudices that teenagers may have about foreign cultures.

Our AI & Powerful Tracking Tools

1. Our Artificial Intelligence is designed so that when the instructor makes corrections in the text pronounced by the learner, he is given options to select from in order to give the grammatical explanation. This is what makes teaching so easy. 

2. After the class, the AI emits a personalized homework based on the mistakes that the learner made during class (creating sentences with the new words learnt, fill-in-the-blank exercises, etc.). 

3. All the data from past lessons is registered, and organized into graphs that show the student's progress on a lesson-by-lesson basis.