Just mentioning terms like Balance Sheet, P&L and business plan causes most people to have a panic attack. But in order to make the right financial decision, it's best to rely on accurate numbers.

During the lesson all our instructors are required to transcribe everything the learner says onto our platform and then make the corrections. Learners no longer need to try and remember what was covered during the lesson, but instead can access the full transcript of what was said and the corrections. The learner is 100% sure that the instructor is not distracted and that they are focusing all of their attention on the learner because the instructor is typing after the learner.

While learning a second language it's hard to notice the improvement. Our platform automatically generates two reports: Error Percentage and Rate of Speech. These 2 graphs are able to capture improvements from one lesson to another.

Our platform "extracts" from the learner's brain the material most relevant for this particular learner instead of wasting time memorizing pointless grammar rules and words that are rarely used. By working with his/her own personal mistakes, the learner gets rid of them faster.