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An EdTech program for foreign language classes

We've talked here about what is missing in foreign language classes and we demonstrated that the one-to-many classroom setting is not ideal for the students to develop their speaking skills in a foreign language...and even less so in a virtual classroom. Now with a vast number of schools across the U.S. going online until September 1st 2020, foreign language teachers are increasingly incorporating EdTech in their teaching.

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Foreign language teachers should stay in the target language 90% of class time

Teaching in the target language 90% of the time!

When a foreign language teacher tries to stay in the target language 90% of the class time, students become immersed in the target language. Although this is difficult to achieve, and although the native language will be required in certain cases, this immersion is a necessary part of teaching a foreign language, as confirmed by this TELC article. The real problem arises when the students are not exposed to the target language 90% of the time - the learning gains then become minimal. Moreover, students can simply tune out the teacher or their fellow students when they are not actively engaged.

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The future of foreign languages in K16

In 2019, the OCTB corporate language training program took on a new direction: that of bringing student language exchanges to #foreign_language classes in K12 and K16. We envisioned high school and college students across the world teaching each other their native language, at the price of an app.

This vision is becoming a reality (click here to find out more), even more so now with the ongoing trend of virtual classrooms and E-Learning in K16 education.

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