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4 great reasons to learn Spanish

1. Career advancement in the post-COVID-19 economy

Our economy is increasingly become global and digital. According to Indeed, the most common filter used in job search engines in 2020 is 'remote positions'. An important factor here is obviously the COVID-19 crisis, but experts predict that this trend will only continue. Jobs that were restricted to on-site workers are now open to workers all over the world. One of the consequences is that the job market is becoming increasingly competitive. With nearly every applicant for every position possessing an undergraduate degree and soft skills such as 'great team worker', 'problem-solver', 'excellent command of Word', and 'attention to detail', what hard skills will distinguish you from the hundreds of other applicants?          Being bilingual is certainly one of them. In fact, in 2018, CNN Money named bilingualism as the hottest skill for job seekers.

Not only will your chances of getting hired increase, but so will your pay. According to the Schwartz Insurance Group, bilingual employees make between 5% to 20% more per hour than monolingual employees. Recent statistics show that companies are hiring more bilinguals than monolinguals.

Now if you're planning to start your own business, all the more reason to learn Spanish!  You will be able to expand your business to Mexico, Spain, and all of South America. That's a huge potential market.

2. You will perform better in your daily tasks

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The best language learning apps

Language learning apps like Duolingo, Babbel, and Rosetta Stone have gained great popularity over the last decade. Is the hype justified?

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