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Spanish is fun

Learning Spanish: benefits for kids (Part 1)

It is a well known fact that learning a different language brings a lot of benefits for the learner but did you know that developing this skill in your children in their early childhood makes a significantly powerful change?  

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Colombian food: a guide for begginers

In Colombian food is palpable the combination of cultures and people that have inhabited it before and after the conquest: Indigenous, African, Spanish, and years later a strong Lebanese influence on the Atlantic coast.

If you are new to Colombian gastronomy, you should know that Colombia has 6 regions that strongly define its gastronomic style: Caribbean, Pacific, Amazonian, Orinoco, Andean and Insular. Each one stands out for the use of techniques and ingredients typical of the region, from meat, goat, hen, fish to a variety of vegetables, fruits, and condiments.

Here are some typical dishes of Colombia, a cuisine yet to be discovered:

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Learning Spanish through music: 5 Artists to check out

If you're learning Spanish, listening to latin music is a great way to immerse yourself in the language without having to go abroad.  You develop an ear for the hispanic sounds and accents, you hear new words you can look up in the dictionary, and the melody helps you develop an auditive memory for Spanish words and expressions. So while you're cooking, gardening or exercising, listen to the artists we recommend below and... ¡suelta la música!

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