Learning Spanish: benefits for kids (Part 1)

It is a well known fact that learning a different language brings a lot of benefits for the learner but did you know that developing this skill in your children in their early childhood makes a significantly powerful change?  


Most children don’t learn until the age of 8, instead, they absorb the knowledge that is presented to them, which makes learning a second language more natural and easier for them. Being social species and as we depend on communication, our brain is primed to work out subconsciously to try to understand what is being said to us.

That is why children do better in learning a new language, they don't really think much about it if the process is being presented consistently and appropriately, they just try to communicate and develop it from understanding, just like they learned their first language. 


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Multiple studies have confirmed that learning a second language such as Spanish, for example, due to the need of exploiting the resource of memory, concentration and practice can help decrease the possibility of developing Alzheimer’s in the future and more health-related benefits as faster stroke recovery and delayed onset of dementia.

An earlier approach to a different language even when they are inside the womb it’s been proven to be beneficial because children become more receptive to new words, intonation and can develop new ways to communicate their thoughts which will make them more communicative in the future. 


Some parents are frequently concerned that a too-early exposure to a different language would create confusion ending up with not being able to learn well the first one but, all these misconceptions have been refuted by specialists all of them agreeing that actually, the more immerse the children are into the language the more it will help them to grasp better the idioms, expressions, and the understanding of grammar, so, as long as they practice both languages there is nothing to worry about. 

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Learning new skills, in general, helps create new brain paths, develop critical thinking, makes the brain more active, gives the ability to multitask, boosts the attention to detail, creates habits, discipline, and so much more.

Is there anything else that prevents your children from learning Spanish? 

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