Learn Spanish as fast as if you'd gone to study abroad for as low as $7 an hour

Student & Teacher having a lesson on Ipad

One-on-One. Human. Interactive.

Stop Wasting Your Time & Money

Doing Endless Grammar Exercises

And continue making the same mistakes

Having Unstructured Lessons 

Anyone can find "tutors" in Latin America to work for $2-$3 an hour

Memorizing Words That Are Rarely Used

Which are never used in real conversation

Seeing is Believing.

Did you know that an astounding 50% of our brain is involved in visual processing?

That's why our platform focuses on your visual memory, which will help you progress and gain confidence faster!

No more translating! Instead start thinking in Spanish.

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Try 2 weeks of classes for $3 a lesson!

In this 2 weeks you will learn more than you had learned during 2-4 years in high school. You will also be able to try lessons with different tutors and decide whether you want to follow set curriculum or follow more personalized approach.

Why College Students Choose OCTB

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College students who are tired of wasting time with Duolingo or whose study abroad programs have been cancelled share their thoughts.


From Northern California

I would always make the same mistakes and no one was correcting me. With OCTB each time I learn new vocabulary and get grammar corrections.


From Seattle, WA

At first I thought it was too good to be true, but being in college I did not have a lot of money to spend, so I gave it a chance and I am so glad that I did.


From New York

The problem with a lot of traditional language learning apps is that you learn types of sentences that you are never going to use in everyday life.

Price After the initial 2 weeks is as low as $7 an hour

The price per lesson depends on the frequency and duration of the lessons.

How it works

During the Lesson

One-on-One Conversation

About relevant topics 

The Instructor Transcibes

What the learner says

Then Makes Corrections

With what was said

After the Lesson

The Learner Sees the Transcript

With the corrections in real time

The Learner Does Homework

Based on the corrections made during the lesson

Learner Tracks His Progress

On a lesson-by-lesson basis
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How to get Started:

1. Sign Up For a Free demo

2. Trial Period of 2 weeks at $3/lesson

3. Decide To Continue or Not