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Speak Spanish online with native speakers

And make the most out of your next trip South!

It's more than just a conversation



You can't learn how to speak without actually speaking. The best way to do it is to study with native speakers. We create this interaction through free video conferencing without any traveling costs


What can be more personalized than working with your own mistakes? As you find out what they are and see how your mind stops making them, something magical happens: the confidence goes through the roof


You no longer study material that is completely irrelevant to you. This way you zero in only on things that matter the most to you. Instead of continuing to make these mistakes, you get rid of them faster

What to expect

During the class

- Part 1

Through a Skype or Zoom live conversation, you will speak with the teacher in the language that you are learning. Meanwhile, the teacher types everything you say word for word into the platform - you can both visualize this on a shared screen in real time.

During the class

- Part 2

During the second half of the class, student and teacher go over the text said by the student, and the teacher corrects the mistakes on the shared screen while giving the grammatical explanation.

After the Class

- Part 3

The platform will provide you with your proficiency level based on the Error Percentage.


Homework consists of your individual mistakes and new words added by the teacher. 

Tracking tools to measure progress

Progress Reports

On a lesson by Lesson Basis

Learning a foreign language feels like running a marathon, often times the learner doesn't feel like he is improving. What kind of progress can you notice after each lesson. Our platform generates two simple graphs on a lesson-by-lesson basis: 



If you are starting to speak faster with each lesson and at the same time continue to reduce the number of mistakes, that means that you are improving. This helps you stay motivated until you reach your goals.




Select the date and time when you want to have a trial lesson

Add your Info

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It's scheduled

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The OCTB platform is a great tool to learn languages! I’ve started my Spanish classes there and am enjoying them! The easy-to-use app and friendly ...


I studied with Overcomethebarrier for over a year. I am very happy I had this chance because I saw my progress after the first several lessons.


If this was my primary source of learning a new language, it would provide everything that I need.

Ready to start speaking Spanish?

It's only 37$/month!

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