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Home school students across the world teach each other their native language

One-on-one interactions with native speakers 

Students that are taking foreign language classes in the regular classroom have to share the teacher's time with 10, 15, 20 and some times 30 other students. 


So there are plenty of other ways to study a foreign language through apps, books, etc. that will replicate what you would have received in the classroom.

But learning how to speak cannot be done without immersion and one-on-one interaction with native speakers.

It can be pricey to go study abroad or to find a tutor.


Join our exchange program where students teach each other their native language for just $25 per month. 



Teach & Learn

Once a week a student from the US teaches English to a student from another country and in return learn a foreign language from that student during a second session that same week 

Why it works

Immersion. Visualization. Personalized content.


You can't learn how to speak without actually speaking. By matching you with your peers across the world we create this interaction through free video conferencing without any travel expenses.


What can be more personalized material than working with your own mistakes? As you understand those mistakes and avoid repeating them in the future, something magical happens: your confidence goes through the roof!


You no longer study material that is completely impersonal to you. This way you zero in on things that you personally need to improve. The graphs will show how quickly each student will progress using this approach.

Unsure if a teenager can teach his/her native language?

All the student has to do is:


what the learner says during the conversation into the platform


the text explaining what they would have said instead as a native speaker

Our Platform & AI

When students correct each other, these corrections are analyzed by our artificial intelligence which then prompts the instructor to give the grammatical explanation. The platform registers all the data, and then creates personalized homework for each student based on the mistakes that they made during the class.

For example, the student will be asked to create sentences with the new words that he learnt, and to complete fill-in-the-blank exercises.

Powerful Tracking Tools

Parents and teachers that evaluage have immediate access to the performance reports generated by the platform

All you have to do is



If the graphs don't show expected results or for any other reason, the content of each lesson can be reviewed by diving down into each lesson file. There is absolutely zero room for slacking.


Our tracking tools provide a clear picture of the learner's progress by measuring how fast the learner is speaking in each class and their error percentage on a lesson-by-lesson basis.

Foreign language learning is not only more fun, but also more efficient when applied conversing with peers from abroad

  • Using apps has proven to be inadequate in language acquisition, because the students do not have the opportunity to actually SPEAK the language.

  • Facilitating one-on-one interaction between students who are native speakers in different languages enables this interaction... and is much more fun and motivating for the students (plus it gives a break to the parent!).


With OCTB, my students are talking in Spanish during 50 minutes straight, which is otherwise impossible.

Captain Ryan Raycraft - Spanish Teacher,
Fishburne Military School

Now my students have a reference of what life outside of their country looks like, and that is lifelong learning.

Carmen Wirtz - College Counseling,

Antigua International School

If this was my primary source of learning a foreign language, it would provide everything that I need.

Gavin - 6 year Spanish student,
Fishburne Military School

On-boarding steps

Step 1

Fill out the contact form

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Step 4



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Supporting Data

How can we be sure that this will actually work? Because it's already happening! Check out the student and teacher testimonials in the top menu to hear from them how they've integrated the OCTB platform in their language classes, and how students and teachers alike have benefited from this. 

Plus, we have supporting data from every lesson of every student that has ever taken a class using our approach.



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