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  • Karina Fortier

Be an Explorer, Not a Tourist ! Learn the Language of The Places You Travel To

Traveling to South America and the Middle East

I’ll start with a personal anecdote: Being Canadian, I grew up with French and English as my native languages. In high school I studied Spanish for 4 years, and then took up Arabic for 3 years in university. I had very good bases in Spanish and Arabic, but I knew that in order to speak them fluently, I needed to be immersed in those languages. So when I graduated I planned a long trip, 4 months in South America and then 4 months in the Middle East.

I can say without a doubt that having a strong base in Spanish - and improving it while traveling - made my travel experience in South America that much more interesting, exciting, enriching and authentic than if I hadn’t spoken any Spanish (I actually fell in love with a Peruvian and ended up staying in Peru until the present day, and never made it to the Middle East to practice Arabic unfortunately, which is pretty much gone now 😜).

Join Overcome the Barrier online language classes

Learn the language of your travel destination!

Speaking (or at least understanding!) the local language while traveling allows you to make real connections with the local people. And what’s the point of traveling to see the world and beautiful places if you don’t meet the people who inhabit them? They’re the ones who will show you the real culture, this hidden waterfall, that amazing local food market, take you to an underground live music show… Without speaking the local language, sure you’ll get to know the ingredients of your travel destination. But if you speak at least a base of the language, you’ll taste the flavour of the place!

Get ready for your next trip: learn the local language now!

So you’ve got a trip coming up to Mexico this winter and your Spanish is still limited at ‘’Hola, me llamo John’’?

What are you waiting for? Join Overcome the Barrier language classes. Starting at 10$/hour, learn Spanish online with native speakers through the OCTB platform. The platform registers your error percentage, your speed of speech, and complies all the data into graphs that track you progress on a lesson-by-lesson basis. It even creates personalized homework based on the mistakes that you made during the conversation. THEN you’ll be able to understand what the cute instructor says during the salsa lesson.

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