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  • Karina Fortier

How to Speak Spanish Beyond ¡Hola!

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Current Spanish classes just don't work!

Let's face it: how many of us actually remember anything from #high_school_Spanish beyond ''Hola, me llamo Andrew.... ¿Dónde está el baño?''.

Throughout my travels in South America, I heard this sentence over and over gain: ''Well I did take Spanish in high school, but I don't remember that much...''.

What a shame! So many wasted hours of our life! Not to mention the fact that we can't even speak Spanish when the day comes where we actually need it!

Try a month of free Spanish classes that actually work!

Students need talking time in Spanish

So, why do high school students who take #foreign_language classes only retain a few sentences after years of studying? We believe that's because they are never given the opportunity to actually speak in that language!

This's why we're introducing the OCTB platform into K12 foreign language classes: to give students that weekly one-on-one interaction that is absolutely essential in #language_acquisition. Bryan Raycraft is one of the first teachers to have incorporated the OCTB platform into his Spanish classes: listen to his review of #OCTB in the video above. Once a week, your students will learn Spanish (or any other language) with their peers in Latin America (or another region depending on the foreign language), and in the second weekly session, they will help their peers practice English. It's like a #student_exchange, but right in the classroom, and at a fraction of the cost!

An amazing tool for #language_teachers

Language teachers will love this next part: not only are you allowing your students to have 50 minutes of weekly talking time in the language they're learning, while also having cultural exchanges with their peers from abroad; but on top of that, you are given access to amazing tracking tools to survey the progress of each student (as you can see in the graphs in the above video). In addition, the platform creates #personalized_homework for each student based on the mistakes that he/she made during the class.

You've really got nothing to lose, since the first month is free. That's right, #free_language_classes for one full month! After that, you'll only pay close to the price of Netflix.

Try One Month of Free Classes!