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  • Karina Fortier

Integrating Tech in the Classroom Increases Student Engagement

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

It is so tempting to stick to the old ways. They’re safer, cozier, known, comfortable, predictable.

The conventional teaching methods work well enough, the teachers know them through and through because they grew up with them, and still today the students learn a decent amount with them, so…. why change anything?

Here’s why: if you have your students’s best interest at heart, you will go out of your way and out of your comfort zone to #innovate_your_classes by looking for #new_teaching_tools that will benefit your students and prepare them with the most up-to-date resources available for this fast-evolving world.

Teachers must prepare their students for a #digital_future

Let’s face it: we've entered an unprecedented era where technology is omnipresent. There is a cliché that says that technology is killing jobs. But according to the World Economic Forum, emerging tech will create more jobs than it will destroy in the 2020 decade. This means that future workers will need to acquire the right skills to enter a job market already permeated by technology. Even if the job isn’t directly related to technology, it almost always is indirectly, even if only for communication needs.

So, if you don’t want your students to miss out on the great majority of work opportunities, you better start teaching them #ICT_skills (Information & Communication Technology: emailing, video conferencing, online research, social media management, etc.) and other related skills during classes.

As Brendon Hyndan of Charles Sturt University in Australia says, ‘’students might be 'digital natives', comfortable with and immersed in technology, but they depend on teachers to #learn_through_digital_means.’’

Increased Student & Teacher Engagement

In the U.S, an ever-growing number of schools are receiving coaching as part programs such as the DLP (Dynamic Learning Project) to help them #integrate_technology_in_classrooms. The results are indisputable: 90% of principals and teachers reported increased #student_engagement. “Technology allows teachers to build and evolve their relationships with students,” said Dan Kinkade, one of the DLP coaches. “It allows students more voice and makes them feel empowered (#empowered_students), while teachers become facilitators in a #student_centered_classroom’’.

Students are taking charge of their own learning, and that’s transformational.”

Integrating the OCTB platform in your classroom

A new and #powerful_teaching_tool that #language_teachers are starting to integrate in their classes is the #OCTB (Overcome the Barrier) platform. This virtual platform allows students to practice a #foreign_language with a peer in a foreign country who speaks this language natively. During their live video call, the latter types everything the former says into the platform, and corrects the mistakes in real time. The AI of the platform then creates homework for the student is then automatically created b. And then they switch. This way, each of your students will have an #equal_learning_opportunity to increase their speaking ability in #foreign_language_class (instead of just being able to read and write), through fun one-on-one interactions with peers from abroad.

The teacher is there to supervise, but the students are empowered to bring their #language_skills to the next level.

Now that’s what we call an innovating, engaged and #efficient_classroom!

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