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You're one step closer to accessing an amazing tool that will benefit you and your students in language classes!

Thank you for expressing interest in our language program!

 First things first, please check if you meet the requirements below:


1. Each student must have access to a computer and to high speed Internet. A headset with earphones and a speaker will also be necessary if the room is noisy.

 2. Your students must have the ability to type very fast in their native language. (Until we will implement speech-to-text recognition in the future)

You made it? Sweet! In that case...

1) Based on the information you filled in the contact form, we will find peers from abroad for your students so that they can exchange conversation classes in the languages each side is learning. Depending on various factors, this may be immediate or it may take a few weeks. Trust us, it's worth the wait if there is any! 


2) Once we have found a counterpart for your school, we will coordinate the times of the week that work for both sides. We then train the teacher, who in turn trains his students on how to use the platform.

Step 2: Setting-up a call

Alright, so step 2 is very easy: we just have to set-up a call so that we can better understand how we can be of service to you. We will also answer questions or concerns you may have.

We will contact you, and you'll just let us know what day/time works best for you, and your preferred medium (Zoom or Skype).

So make sure you don't miss our email! 



You can't learn how to speak without actually speaking. By matching you with your peers across the world we create this interaction through free video conferencing without any traveling costs


What can be more personalized than working with your own mistakes? As you find out what they are and see how your mind stops making them, something magical happens: your confidence goes through the roof!


You no longer study material that is completely irrelevant to you. This way you zero in only on things that matter the most to you. Instead of continuing to make these mistakes, you get rid of them faster.

Benefits of OCTB language classes: