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We will start classes in September

Thank you for Signing Up!

We are excited that you decided to give this idea a chance. As you learned on our main page, the students will be exchanging their time and teach each other their native language.

Each student/learner must be able to teach using our platform. As you can imagine, we have to find both American students who will be interested in doing that and we have to find students from Spanish speaking countries, coordinate the times of the week that work for both, and teach them how to use our platform.


 Until we add speech-to-text recognition, the instructor will have to have the ability to type VERY FAST in his own language. Thankfully, most kids by the time they reach 16 years of age are able to type very fast.

Please go here and check how fast your can type (it will only take a minute). Email us your results to admin@octb.us

We understand that it might seem like too much work, but we want to assure you that after the kids get a hang of how to use our platform, the learning process will be most efficient and effective. Besides, there is no way to make this cost only $10 a month without having to exchange teaching time for both sides.




You can't learn how to speak without actually speaking. By matching you with your peers across the world we create this interaction through free video conferencing without any traveling costs


What can be more personalized than working with your own mistakes? As you find out what they are and see how your mind stops making them, something magical happens: your confidence goes through the roof!


You no longer study material that is completely irrelevant to you. This way you zero in only on things that matter the most to you. Instead of continuing to make these mistakes, you get rid of them faster.

Why it works?