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Start Teaching with OCTB


Work from anywhere

All you need is a computer, a headset, and an internet connection

Little lesson planning

No need to spend any time preparing for the next class at all

No experience required

Great personality over extensive teaching experience will always win

Make up to 2x minimum wage

You will make more money than any other entry job with more flexibility

Teach whenever you want

Side gig or a full-time role, you can do it when you have time 

Interact with Americans

As a plus, you'll get to practice English with Americans

How to teach with OCTB


During the lesson the teacher is expected to type what the student says verbatim into our platform. The student sees what he/she said in real time. It also helps the student know that the teacher doesn't get distracted during the lesson. 


After a few sentences the teacher makes the corrections the way he/she would have said the same thing. The platform analyzes the mistakes, prompts the teacher how to explain these mistakes and highlights the new words to be added. 

Personalized Content

After the lessons is finished, the platform automatically generates personalized homework based on student's individual mistakes (fill in the blank and multiple choice exercises, make sentences with added words)  

Tracking Tools

The platform measures how fast the student speaks and his/her error percentage on a lesson-by-lesson basis. This allows the student to see his progress and helps them sustain motivation and not drop out in the middle of the course. 

Our Platform

With the help of AI analyzes the corrections made by the instructor and prompts them how to explain the mistakes better.

Pros Cons

Because the teachers who are using our platform are required to type everything what the learner says during the lesson, it may seem that they have to work harder during the lesson.


They never have to worry about lesson planning or that the learner will accuse them of slacking, which ultimately leads to more consistent and predictable earnings.