Impact of Comprehensible input without Personalized Content

Impact of Comprehensible input without Personalized ContentMyth or Fiction

As we described in one of our previous posts, teachers are fighting an uphill battle in the classroom because of the one-to-many ratio of students to teachers is not conducive to learning a foreign language. Comprehensible input is a teaching technique that's being introduced into foreign language teaching, but if you ask us there is nothing new about it and it has one huge flaw. Comprehensible input comes naturally when you immerse yourself in the language environment. Before we denounce it, let's look at what "comprehensible input" really mean!

The D0wnfallThe D0wnfall

According to "Comprehensible input is language input that can be understood by listeners despite them not understanding all the words and structures in it. It is described as one level above that of the learners if it can only just be understood. According to Krashen's theory of language acquisition, giving learners this kind of input helps them acquire language naturally, rather than learn it consciously." But in the same article describes the pitfall. "A teacher needs to know the level of the learners very well in order to select comprehensible input, and in a large class of mixed ability, different learners will need different texts." There are two problems with this statement. The lack of personalized content in one-to-many classroom setting is the obvious one. Secondly, the word "texts". We first learn how to understand and speak a language and then we learn how to read and write. In classrooms we reverse that natural process.

Use what worksUse what works

The problem is that even if there are only 5-6 students in the classroom all of them have their own unique set of vernacular, comprehension level, and way they use the language. Teaching them to say the same thing not only kills curiosity, but creates animosity towards the language and the teacher. Our motto is "Don't Paint Seagulls in Your Prospect's Picture" or the best salesperson is the buyer himself. If you are not familiar with this story, you can check out this post by world renown salesman David Sandler. We believe that the same applies to learning a foreign language.


Our Vision

Instead of doing what doesn't work, consider using our approach and extract what students want to learn. Using our approach you will kill multiple birds with one stone (no pun intended):

You can read a much more detailed description of our vision about how foreign languages should be taught in the classroom here. Our first semester comes at NO cost to the school, so there is nothing to loose. You can test it with absolutely no risk.

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