A Proven Teaching Method

We've learned a few things throughout the 11 years we've been teaching languages. We can now demonstrate that the most effective way to learn languages is through personalized learning, visualization, and one-on-one interaction with native speakers. 

Our platform identifies from each learner exactly what he/she needs to improve on, offering a fully personalized learning experience supported by AI. Let's explore how languages are taught at OCTB.


Spanish tutors

Our wonderful tutors are young professionals and university students from Latin America. They are experienced, kind, patient and fun!  Once you sign up for classes, you can try as many different tutors as you want, before settling on your main and backup tutors.

We are happy to help match your favourite tutor with your personal schedule.


Structure of the Classes

Your tutor will type everything you say during the conversation into our platform. The instructor then goes over the transcript, makes the grammar corrections, teaches your new vocabulary, and corrects your pronunciation. 

We offer optional curriculums for all levels that you can ask your tutor to guide you through (beginner Spanish is available now, intermediate Spanish and advanced Spanish are soon coming!)

Watch this video to learn how our platform works

Our AI-powered platform shows the learner's mistakes in red, and the teacher's corrections in green

Instant Feedback

As the tutor makes the corrections in real time, you will remember much faster the corrections made to your mistakes, and the new vocabulary that you learnt.
You will quickly gain confidence, as you realize that you were understood by a native speaker despite having made some mistakes.

Personalized Content

The platform registers all the corrections and new vocabulary added by the instructor during the lesson, and then generates personalized homework for the student based on this data.

The platform automatically grades the homework upon completion and the parent or teacher can easily verify whether it has been completed or not.

The learners's mistakes are turned into personalized homework that is automatically graded by the OCTB platform
Privacy concerns

Lesson Recordings

If you wish, you can have each of your lessons automatically recorded on your personal computer. We recommend using this option when lessons are conducted for children.

This is very easy to set up and we will walk you through it.

Lesson-by-lesson progress reports

We simplified how to measure progress by tracking how fast the learner is speaking from one lesson to another, as well as the reduction in his error percentage.

If the learner starts to speak faster while at the same time making less mistakes, that means that he is improving.

Tools to track progress on a lesson-by-lesson basis
Our platform tracks your error percentage, speed of speech, and homework completed


If the graphs don't show expected results or for any other reason, the content of each lesson can be reviewed by diving down into each lesson file. Nothing goes unreported.

Supporting Data

Over the last 11 years we've been providing corporate language training to large multinational companies like IBM, GE, DHL, CAT, Federal Mogul among many others, and we have supporting data from every lesson of every learner that has ever taken a class using our approach.

We have supporting data from 10 years of language lessons