Our Teaching Approach

We believe that the fastest way to learn a foreign language is through one-on-one interaction with native speakers. With today's technology it's never been easier to get connected via video chat with excellent native speaking teachers at the fraction of what it would cost otherwise. 

But one-on-one classes with OCTB are not just chit-chat. Our platform identifies from each learner exactly what he/she needs & wants to improve on. Let's explore how languages are taught at OCTB.

A young boy in sunglasses who is getting ready to start his Class

Private Online Classes

You can take a class from anywhere and any time convenient for you. All you need is a decent internet speed and either a smart phone, a tablet or a computer.

The instructor connects with the student via a free video conferencing app like google meets or zoom. language. With us it's also fun and effective, and we have proof that it works.

Structure of the Classes

When we are learning to speak a foreign language, we can hardly remember what we said just a few minutes after the lesson is over.

But with OCTB, the instructor transcribes everything the learner says during the conversation into our platform, exactly how it was said. The instructor then goes over the text and makes corrections. 
This helps the student visualize his mistakes, and remember the corrections made to his own words.

A male teenager is waving hand to his online teacher
A gif that showcases how corrections are being made with things that need to be added denoted in green and things

Instant Feedback

As the instructor makes the corrections in real time, the student remembers much faster the correct way of what he intended to say.

This also helps the learner gain confidence much faster, as he realizes that he was understood by a native speaker despite having made some mistakes.

Personalized Content

The platform registers all the corrections and new vocabulary added by the instructor during the lesson, and then generates personalized homework for the student based on this data.

The platform automatically grades the homework upon completion and the parent or teacher can easily verify whether it has been completed or not.

A gif that shows how personalized content homework is automatically generated by OCTB platform
An adult looking at the computer scrutinizing the results


If you wish, you can have each of your lessons automatically recorded on your personal computer. We recommend using this option when lessons are conducted for children.

This is very easy to set up and we will walk you through it.

Lesson-by-lesson progress reports

We simplified how to measure progress by tracking how fast the learner is speaking from one lesson to another, as well as the reduction in his error percentage.

If the learner starts to speak faster while at the same time making less mistakes, that means that he is improving.

2 graphs that show the increase in rate of speech and decrease in error percentage.
A print screen of OCTB individual learner user panel with graphs


If the graphs don't show expected results or for any other reason, the content of each lesson can be reviewed by diving down into each lesson file. Nothing goes unreported.

Supporting Data

Over the last 10 years we've been providing corporate language training to large multinational companies like IBM, GE, DHL, CAT, Federal Mogul among many others, and we have supporting data from every lesson of every learner that has ever taken a class using our approach.

A person looking at a bunch of graphs on the computer