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Simultaneous one-on-one interaction in the target language for all your students

The best way to learn a language is through one-on-one interaction in the target language. With us it's also fun and effective - and we have proof that it works.

Our tutors

Our tutors are native speakers with significant teaching experience. They will converse with your students, and then go over the transcript and correct the mistakes. If you wish, we can coordinate with the tutors what you would like the content of the lessons to focus on, i.e. grammar, pronunciation, reading, oral expression, etc.


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Continuous Feedback offered by OCTB Platform that shows error percentage and words spoken on a lesson-by-lesson basis

Tracking each student's progress

Teachers can review each student's transcripts complete with the corrections made by the tutor. The platform then generates personalized homework for the student based on these corrections. We also provide graphs that measure performance on a lesson-by-lesson basis. These tools help teachers gain a deeper understanding of what their students retained and need to improve upon.

A fun & engaging way to learn

Forced output is frowned upon in the classroom setting and understandably so. But when the students experience it in a more natural setting through one-on-one interactions with people  of a similar age and interests, the output is no longer 'forced' : the students themselves are motivated to improve their language skills to be understood by their peers abroad.

Teenagers jumping in the air and having fund after a Spanish class with OCTB tutors

What the Teachers Are Saying

Ryan Raycraft - Head of World Language Department

Fishburne Military School

With OCTB, my students are talking in Spanish during 50 minutes straight, which is otherwise impossible.

Kristi Liljenquist - Head of World Language Department

Morris Area School District

The way the students can relate to each other as peers is absolutely lighting the kids on fire.

Carmen Wirtz - Head of World Language Department

Antigua International School

Now my students have a reference of what life outside of their country looks like, and that is lifelong learning.

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