Why studying Spanish with OCTB is so cheap?

They are not actually!

We intentionally keep our prices low to make classes more affordable because we know that language learning takes a long time (if anyone tells you otherwise they are lying to you). And no matter how great is the tutor, the app or the method you are using to learn a foreign language you will not feel like you've learned much after just 10 classes or so. As a matter of fact the opposite usually is true: the more you learn the more you feel like you don't know anything. Sadly it's just the nature of learning a foreign language. If we charge an arm and a leg, let's say $20 an hour, after taking 10 hours ($200 in total) you will most likely quit.

@octb_spanish_classes Is Overcome the Barrier a scam? Why are the lessons so cheap? Vladimir Kovin, the founder of OCTB, clears up all those questions🇪🇸 #spanish #spanishlesson #spanishclass #languagelearning #spanishonline #spanishtok #tiktokpartner #fypage ♬ original sound - octb spanish classes
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Biggest reason why it’s taking you so long to learn Spanish

Short answer is YOU.

No, I don't mean because you tend to be lazy or procrastinate (that too of course 😅), what I mean is that you cannot get out of your own way:

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