Why studying Spanish with OCTB is so cheap?

They are not actually!

We intentionally keep our prices low to make classes more affordable because we know that language learning takes a long time (if anyone tells you otherwise they are lying to you). And no matter how great is the tutor, the app or the method you are using to learn a foreign language you will not feel like you've learned much after just 10 classes or so. As a matter of fact the opposite usually is true: the more you learn the more you feel like you don't know anything. Sadly it's just the nature of learning a foreign language. If we charge an arm and a leg, let's say $20 an hour, after taking 10 hours ($200 in total) you will most likely quit.

@octb_spanish_classes Is Overcome the Barrier a scam? Why are the lessons so cheap? Vladimir Kovin, the founder of OCTB, clears up all those questions🇪🇸 #spanish #spanishlesson #spanishclass #languagelearning #spanishonline #spanishtok #tiktokpartner #fypage ♬ original sound - octb spanish classes
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Biggest reason why it’s taking you so long to learn Spanish

Short answer is YOU.

No, I don't mean because you tend to be lazy or procrastinate (that too of course 😅), what I mean is that you cannot get out of your own way:

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Learning Spanish: benefits for kids (Part 1)

It is a well known fact that learning a different language brings a lot of benefits for the learner but did you know that developing this skill in your children in their early childhood makes a significantly powerful change?  

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Colombian food: a guide for begginers

In Colombian food is palpable the combination of cultures and people that have inhabited it before and after the conquest: Indigenous, African, Spanish, and years later a strong Lebanese influence on the Atlantic coast.

If you are new to Colombian gastronomy, you should know that Colombia has 6 regions that strongly define its gastronomic style: Caribbean, Pacific, Amazonian, Orinoco, Andean and Insular. Each one stands out for the use of techniques and ingredients typical of the region, from meat, goat, hen, fish to a variety of vegetables, fruits, and condiments.

Here are some typical dishes of Colombia, a cuisine yet to be discovered:

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The best Spanish podcasts

Learning Spanish the fun way definitely includes listening to a great selection of podcasts. You can improve your pronunciation by listening to Spanish words directly from a native speaker, recognizing accents from different countries and regions, and learning authentic phrases and sayings, among others.


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Which foreign language should you learn?

Which foreign language should you learn? Should it be French, the language of love?  Mandarin, the most spoken language in the world? Or Spanish, the language of tacos and salsas? 

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