The best Spanish podcasts

Learning Spanish the fun way definitely includes listening to a great selection of podcasts. You can improve your pronunciation by listening to Spanish words directly from a native speaker, recognizing accents from different countries and regions, and learning authentic phrases and sayings, among others.

Some benefits to listening podcasts:

  1. Critical thinking: get exposed to the points of view, idiosyncrasies, trends, and current affairs in Spanish-speaking countries.
  2. You can listen to your favorite language wherever you want, whenever you want: While driving, cooking, on your way to work, or simply while resting. 
  3. You can improve your pronunciation: by listening to Spanish words directly from a native speaker. You will recognize accents from different countries and regions, as well as authentic phrases and sayings. 

At OCTB we would like to present to you our recommendations in terms of podcasts in Spanish: 

Un periódico de ayer- (Yesterday's newspaper): in this podcast you can discover important events in history that had a great impact on the society, while discovering the lives of its protagonists.  This podcast is produced in Colombia.


Podcast Reload: this podcast brings all the news and updates related to the world of video games. Produced in Spain.


BBVA Aprendemos juntos - (Let's learn together): the purpose of this program, is to involve the whole of society in reaching the objective that "every child finds his or her passion and develops his or her full potential", although it is not limited to children or parents, but to all those who are curious.

TED en español: as its acronym "TED" stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design. These three big areas are propitious for entrepreneurs and dreamers to inspire us with their stories.


Se regalan dudas: this popular Spanish-language podcast, with more than 2 million listeners, was born out of a spontaneous chat between two Mexican friends: Ashley Frangie and Lety Sahagún. The topics covered by these friends and their guests are varied: love, faith, fear, success. 

We hope you enjoy these podcasts on a wide range of topics; from video games to history, travel, education to romantic anecdotes and disappointed loves. Just choose the one you are interested about and start training your ears!

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