Why does your child need to learn Spanish (part 2)

We continue with the second part of our series on the benefits of learning Spanish from a young age.

Learning a different language opens up a great number of new opportunities that monolingual people are missing out on, there is so much you can do with Spanish! Not only for traveling and working abroad. Spanish is spoken in over 21 countries so it is indeed handy but, it will also allow you to experience new things such as enjoying music, movies, and literature in their native language. 

Kids on the computer (1)A lot of research on being bilingual has been done, the years pass by and more and more benefits are added to the list of what learning a new language will bring in life. You will be impressed with how helpful this will be for your children!

Academic advantage:

Bilingual children are proved to outperform monolingual children in several subject areas. As bilingualism can help improve a child’s cognitive functions their educational development would be more efficient and consequently causing positive effects on their social skills, literacy, and emotional skills for many years to come.

Increase in awareness of other cultures: 

Being able to understand a new language exposes an individual to diverse customs, ideas, and perspectives from different cultures. Although it is not mandatory to be bilingual to learn about other cultures this skill will allow them to have a more immersive experience.

Improve social life:

A second language opens up a whole new range of social opportunities and can enhance your social skills and confidence. They will be able to connect with a wider range of people and make those connections more meaningful and in general, people are always curious to know how other people learned the language, is a really good ice breaker!

Find it easier to learn a third language or more:

Understanding how languages work coupled with the experience they have already gained, makes it all the easier to learn a third one or as many as they wish. They will develop an interest and attention for different languages that will be helpful in the future.

Culture and heritage:

If Spanish is the mother tongue at home it is enormously beneficial for them to learn it even if is different from the language taught in school because it may help them acknowledge the importance of their culture and heritage, as well as develop a stronger personal identity connected to it.

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